Where all your questions about online communities will be answered.

We are a team of marketing innovators, web designers, programmers and social media experts bringing out of the box ideas and technologies to increase your company sales. We will help you to plan design and launch your online community with the best strategy, softwares and knowledge you can find today. Launching your online branded community will drive innovation, provide better customer support and ultimately get sustainable growth, a better ROI and of course increase customer’s loyalty toward re-purchase. 

Meet the team

We are experts in building online communities for businesses and organizations

We speak French, English and Spanish 

Nathalie Pommier 
SMO & Digital Marketing Director
Born in Miami FL, Nathalie is a graduate student in anthropology & political science. Nathalie lives in Tampa FL and works and studies in Durham NC. 

Alexandre Pommier - Partner
Head of Training / CTO
Born in Valencia Spain, Alex is our jack of all trades. At 28, he is an experienced webmaster with 7 years of building online communities and teaching entrepreneurs & corporate executives. Alex works in Miami FL and Durham NC.

Ana Pommier - Partner
Finance / Controller
Born in Lima Peru, Ana has more than 20 years experience in managing the family business finances and assisting our clients. Prior Ana was an analyst at the Banco reserve del Peru. She works and lives in Tampa FL and Durham NC.

Bernard Pommier
Sales & Marketing Director
Born in Clermont-Ferrand France, Bernard has 30 years experience in brick and mortar sales & marketing. He is  also an internet pioneer as he created his first online community in 1994. Bernard lives in Tampa FL.

Alex Howe -
Web Designer
Web Design & Digital Marketing
Our Marketing guru Alex is experienced in finding creative solutions for effectively reaching our audience. Alex is currently studying at Palm Beach University. Alex works in Miami and Palm Beach.

Stephanie Garcia
Graphic & Web Designer
Born in Miami Stephanie studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Stephanie lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Andrew Gonzalez
Web Designer / West coast sales manager
Web Design and sales (west coast USA)
Andrew graduated from Seattle University in business management. He is our sales manager on the western front in the USA. Andrew lives and works in Washington State.

Aryam Livia
Web designer, sales & marketing
Web design &Sales Associate (Florida)
Aryam graduated from St Peterborough University studying business management. She is our expert in Easter Europe Market.

Nicolas Abraham
Market Analyst
Asian Market
Born in Clermont Ferrand (France) Nicolas is a successful hospitality entrepreneur. He is our ears and voice in Asia. Nicolas lives in Quezon city (Philippines)

Nicolas Pommier 
Market Analyst
UK & Europe Market
Born in Nice (France) Nicolas is a successful project manager. He his our ears and voice e in Europe. Nicolas lives and works in London UK.

Laurent Pommier
Junior Programmer
Web Design & Development
Born in France studying computer sciences. Laurent lives and work in Montpelier (France).
DNN, ASP.NET, VB, PHP, HTML5, Drupal, WordPress...

John Qadir
Senior Programmer
Custom programming
Born in Hawaii, John studied computer sciences in Manoa. John is a ASP.NET,C#/VB.NET Developer/Programmer/ system analyst. John lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida with his wife and daughter..

Rick Medina
IT engineer / Hosting provider
Hosting, Security, Data management
Rick is our technology provider and partner for more than 20 years. Rick lives and works in Miami with his wife, son and daughter.
Johnny Chanto
IT engineer & Senior Programmer
Hosting, Security, Programming
Johnny work with Rick in Miami and Johnny is our problem solver since 20 years.

Web Design Intern
Position Available
Web Design Intern
For Tampa Bay (FL) internship call Alex (727) 725 1333
or send an email to alex@quicksocial.us

Web Design Intern
Position Available
Web Design Intern
For Durham (NC) internship call Nathalie (919) 973 4986
or send an email to nathalie@quicksocial.us